The Silent Revolution Is Here

Silent Events Are Making A Lot Of Noise

Get your silent event started… You select the rhythms, the volume and the language that’s right for you, because every event should be a one-of-a-kind journey. Delivering crisp and clear sound, in precisely the way your guests want it, with a set of headphones and a wireless signal.

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Outdoor Events

School Dances

Networking Events

Speaking Engagements

Yoga parties

Information Sessions

Private Events


Trade Shows

Night Clubs

Music Festivals

Multilingual Conferences

Social Events

Street Concerts & Events

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Host a Silent Disco at a Wedding!

Yoga session? Absolutely!

Dance… To Your Beat

Take your event to the next level, let your guests
control their own audio experience.

You control the music & conversation with our headphones.

The events that stick out in the minds of guests in the long run are the ones that are unlike any other. So, why not take it to the next level and let your guests control their own audio experience? In addition to delivering up to 3 separate channels of crystal clear sound that only your guests can hear, Silent Beats services are completely customizable to your needs.

Play Everyone’s “Song”

Whether it’s 1 DJ or a 3-way battle for beat supremacy, Silent Beats Events’ 3 tunable channels guarantee a packed dance floor for hours. Everyone will go home happy that they got to tear it up to their jam.

Avoid Annoying By-Laws

Don’t clear the dance floor of your wonderful wine country wedding at 11 o’clock just because of a noise bylaw – transform the rest of your evening into an all-ages silent disco dance party! No one can hear the music but you and your guests.

Customise the Product to Your Vision

Need the gear and DJ for a silent disco? Want us to drop off the headphones for your conference and take a hike? That’s all fine for Silent Beats Events! We ensure every solution is specialized for your needs.

Take your event experience to the next level.

Get The Event Started… On Your Own Terms

Rentals starting at 25 headphones or less - AS MUCH AS 2000 HEADPHONES

SBE Headphone Rentals

• 25 headsets
• 3 transmitter (three channels)
• Shipping container

*Shipping cost is extra unless you’re picking up in Ottawa

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Parties, Social Events and School Dances

• 100 head sets
• 2 DJ’S, 1 Playlist
• Lighting
• Glow products

Up to 3 hours of time

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 The sky is the limit! Ask us how SBE can enhance your event!

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